NameUsageWhat it does
Avatar!!avatar | !!avatar @username || !!avatar usernameReturns the avatar of a specified user otherwise will show your own
osu/ctb/mania/taiko!!osu usernameReturns stats about the user in the gamemode specified
Messages!!messagesShows the amount of messages you have send in servers that use the bot
Urban!!urban wordReturns a definition about the word you specified if there is one
Serverinfo!!serverinfoReturns infos about the server its used in
Randomurban!!randomurbanReturns a random definition of a random word
Nsfw!!nsfwposts a image that doesnt contain the save tag from yandere or konachan meaning it can be sfw(only works in a nsfw channel)
Kiss/Hug/Headpat!!kiss @username || !!hug UsernameReturns a kiss/hug/headpat gif and a counter for how often that command has been used on someone
Poll!!poll what the poll is aboutReturns a message with a ✅ 🚫 reaction
Daily!!dailyclaim your daily cash (not used for anything yet)
Botinfo!!botinfoReturns infos about the bot
Clear!!clear amountDeletes the amount of specified messages to be deleted up to 100 at the time
Calc!!calc 4/5Returns the calculated number
Twitch!!twitch twitchReturns infos about that streamer
Ping!!pingReturns the ping of the bot
Play!!play (link) or text to searchAddes a video to the queue and plays it if its first in the queue
Skip!!skipSkip the currently playing song and plays the next one if 50% of the vc members typed this command
Stop!!stopFinishes the queue of songs instandly and makes bot leave the vc
Translate!!translate (original lang) (lang it should be translated to) (text) available languagesTrys to translate the text you specified
Queue!!queueShows the current music queue including the current song
Volume!!volume (volume)Changes the volume to the specified value 0-10
Leaderboard!!leaderboardReturns the users with the most messages sent up to 10
Userinfo!!userinfoReturns info about the current/specified user
Level!!levelReturns your level
Source!!sourceTries to return the source of an Link
Invite!!inviteReturns a link to invite the bot